José Bedia is an internationally renown artist who emerged from Cuba's "Generation of the '80s." In the early 1980s he left Cuba and left for America where he began to be noticed as an up-and-coming artist. Returning to Cuba a few years later he was conscripted into the Cuban army and went to Angola to fight in a tank unit. After the war and due to the increasing censorship directed towards artists he travelled to Mexico for a few years and then permanently moved to Miami, Florida in 1993. Prior to this his breakthrough as an international artist came in 1989 with his participation in the exhibition, Magiciens de la terre (Magicians of the Earth), Paris.


During his earlier years as an artist he began to study the aesthetic and religious cultures of Africa and the Americas. It is this early phase of his development that will set the tone for his later work. In effect, he is an ethnographer, anthropologist, archaeologist, healer, trickster, and cultural bricoleur who creates powerful, lyrical and dynamic art work.


This book contains 20 color imagines of paintings and drawings by the artist. No other copies of this catalogue are available online.  Published on the occasion of the exhibitions at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin ; The Pori Art Museum, Finland ; George Adams Gallery, New York.


José Bedia - Tunkashila (Grandfather)

  • by José Bedia (Author)