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Alberto Zorzi was also initially fascinated by this classical geometry. His early work includes long necklaces made of yellow gold with links consisting of extremely thin discs, fastened using tiny rivets. In his colliers, bracelets and earrings, the artist played with triangles, circles and semicircles at the time. Over the course of the years, he abandoned this strict language of forms and created a series of work that focused on the muted colors in blue, rust red and leaf green. After this brief detour into the freer, more naturalist-inspired design, however, the artist soon returned to geometry. It remains his fascination until today, even if he still enjoys experiments in jewelry design from time to time. His jewelry would now be best described as “clever constructions” that represent the artist and his skill: his creativeness as a sculptor, his craft precision and his artistic consciousness.

Alberto Zorzi

  • by Alberto Zorzi